Youth Culture Matters - A CPYU Podcast

Episode 101: "Turning to Christ with our Anxiety" with Ed Welch

Episode Summary

Dr. Ed Welch joins the podcast to discuss the topic of anxiety in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Episode Notes

All of us find ourselves navigating some difficult and trying times. The current global health crisis has led to lots of soul-searching as we think about an uncertain future. No doubt, our anxiety levels are high. For the Christian, understanding and handling anxiety has to happen from the perspective of the biblical narrative as opposed to the cultural narrative. Youth worker and parents have been given unprecedented opportunity to address anxiety with our children and teens. After all, they’re worried. Dr. Ed Welch is a valuable resource to us all as we think about and address anxiety from a biblical perspective. Stick with us for this very practical, helpful, and timely discussion with Ed Welch, on this episode of Youth Culture Matters.